2023 Mid-Year Conference Announcement

Call For Papers: Oromo Studies Association Mid-Year Conference 2023March 18-19, 2023 – Berlin, Germany (Hybrid)Building Toward Stability…

Call For Papers: Oromo Studies Association Mid-Year Conference 2023
March 18-19, 2023 – Berlin, Germany (Hybrid)
Building Toward Stability In The Face Of Violence, Turmoil,
And Disinformation In The Horn Of Africa

The aim of the 2023 OSA Midyear conference is to bring evidence-based scholarly work that provides the kind of data, analysis and recommendations required for successful policy and scholarship. This entails bringing into focus a critical discrepancy between public projections and perception of Ethiopia on the one hand and conditions that can be verified through scholarly research on the other. By providing empirically rooted and situated knowledge and understanding of the local conditions, effective policy can be crafted and constructive partnerships with a range of public and private entities be envisioned and implemented.

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