2024 OSA Annual Conference – Call for Papers

Date: August 2-4, 2024 (Specific time TBC) | Location: Minneapolis, MN, USA | Venue: University of Minnesota…

Date: August 2-4, 2024 (Specific time TBC) | Location: Minneapolis, MN, USA | Venue: University of Minnesota (TBA)


 Persistent Conflicts and Concurrent Crises in Ethiopia: Implications for the Horn of Africa


       The Oromo Studies Association (OSA) invites scholars, policymakers, activists and community leaders to its
Annual Conference, a platform dedicated to a comprehensive analysis of the conflicts raging in Ethiopia, the
regional implications, and the humanitarian crises in the Horn of Africa.

        OSA is committed to engaged scholarship, embodying close to four decades of collaborative efforts by
intellectuals and specialists. The association’s scholars posit that solutions emerging from Oromia and Ethiopia
have broader relevance in Africa, particularly in empowering youth, fostering inclusive and sustainable
development, building democratic civic institutions, and establishing collaborative peacebuilding mechanisms.
OSA’s rich institutional memory and legacy offer a foundation for expanding these discussions.

       The conference seeks to provide a thorough understanding of the conflicts and their wider implications, laying
the groundwork for strategies to resolve conflicts and alleviate their adverse effects. It will offer a concise
background, essential for grasping the multifaceted challenges faced by affected populations, especially the
Oromo people and other communities, countries, nations, and nationalities in the Horn of Africa.
The conference theme calls for an in-depth examination of Ethiopia’s multi-front conflicts. Papers are sought
that delve into the intricate dynamics of the conflicts, spotlighting the socioeconomic ruin and the toll on
civilian lives, with particular attention to the Oromo and other marginalized nations and nationalities in the
Horn. The conference is dedicated to uncovering empirical evidence and offering theoretical perspectives that
contribute to halting the strife and healing its socioeconomic wounds.

     OSA provides a platform for supplying data and analysis that equip advocates for peace, accountability, and
justice, especially those from marginalized communities.  

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